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TCs services are divided into three distinct business units: Strategy Development (Business and ICT), ICT Reviews and Publications and Project Management


Strategy Development

Our Strategy practice helps clients make major strategic decisions and implement business improvements in specifically as they relate to technology/ICT.

ICT & Business Strategy is about enabling an organization to achieve and sustain superior overall performance and returns. It is a core responsibility of business and ICT executives to encompasses a range of critical activities, from defining and refining ICT & Business vision to strategic performance measurement and management.

Our practice helps executives address their organizations' most complex and challenging ICT & business issues, enabling them to achieve and sustain superior overall performance and returns.


ICT Reviews and Publications

Whether you’re trying to trim technology costs or review technology scenarios, our ICT Review practice offers vast experience in planning, reviewing, and re-designing services/products or scenarios. Our proven methodologies, processes, tools and frameworks assist to this end and involves ICT reviews, ICT Optimization and Outsourcing services.

Whether you are examining the intersection of technology and business, creating value, sustaining infrastructure and/or propelling growth, all require a singular purpose, that is to deliver and this can be achieved in part by deriving greater ICT value that drives business success.


Project Management 

The information your company creates is one of its most valuable assets. Our Project Management services can assist you in designing, developing and implementing technology and processes which create efficient information capture, archival, analysis and distribution within and between organizations.

Connecting your business objectives to your technology investments and performance is critical for success in today's technology-dependent environments. By using our Project Management services, your organization can reduce costs and risk, and improve your company’s performance and responsiveness in your enterprise ICT operations, more so at project implementation.


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