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The Company

TTCG was established primarily to synergize the activities of a number of ICT firms and initiatives.  read more

TC is the current local representative for at least two international ICT and Management Consultancy firms. It also acts as the primary ICT consultants for two local Management Consulting firms and is the trusted Business/Technical advisor for a number of organisations.

TTCG and its associated firms regularly form multi-disciplinary teams by combining expertise from the other firms as required, enabling us to offer clients a unique combination of local understanding and regional/international expertise. By using TTCG you will have the full benefit of a strong firm with skilled and seasoned resources and a network of ICT companies at its reach. TTCG resources have directed and managed a number complex projects in region, and the continent at large. Our resources include regionally respected experts in various ICT fields and international consultants.

What We Do

TC prides itself in the ability to field a team of highly qualified professionals with specific and unique expertise for each and every project, and we welcome the opportunity to assemble a team for you. TC and its group members provide technology services throughout the region, from strategy to implementation, testing, and rollout.

TC offers the opportunity to leverage our existing understanding of the region and environment for high-value Business solutions. As a firm, we welcome the opportunity to develop and strengthen our partnership by supporting your organisation in the next step towards realizing your Technology objectives.

TC will work with various partners to achieve defined objectives. It will primarily relay on its internal resources to meet these objectives and source outside the group as necessary.



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